Bird Control

Commercial Bird Control

Birds in and around the work place are a noisy, filthy and more importantly unnecessary hazard!

Birds fouling the work environment create all manner of hazards from health and safety slip hazards on walkways and thoroughfares to financial losses from stock contamination. 

Birds flying in and around the factory or warehouse create detection faults on alarm and sensor systems causing unnecessary call outs for security or staff members.

Even worse, birds nesting in the work place can and will spread disease, they harbour other insects and pests that will potentially infest your building and bite/feed from you and your colleagues and employees.

Our avian control team are specialists in all areas and are specifically trained in high level working practices and the operating of movable high level working platforms. We will eradicate, clean then sanitise the bird problems and undertake the installation of preventative measures to stop any repeat infestation of the site.

Contact Front Row and speak to the experts in bird control and make safe your working environment now!!


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